Website Design

Full Website Design


A full website design of  a private non-profit organization, a full scrollable screenshot of the homepage.

Web Design


A full scrollable page website screenshot of the homepage of an art and creative private non-profit organization .

Video Edits

Video Edits

Blog Article To A Video

Content repurposing of an article, text or a blog post to a video that can be uploaded to YouTube, other video sites or cut, resized and used on social media.

Video Edits

Video + Audio

The adding of caption, audiogram, watermark and image edits to a video which can be use to promote your Podcasts and added to your YouTube videos.

Email Marketing & Management

email marketing MailChimp


Email Marketing

Setting up email marketing campaigns using MailChimp to email subscribers about new blog posts, products etc 


Inbox Management

Organizing, filtering, unsubscribing, archiving and labelling to setup a nice inbox experience and sort out inbox mails