About Me


Hi, I'm Taiwo Olaifa, A Tech Virtual Assistant& WordPress Designer.

I’m a techie who loves making things work, implementing and learning systems. I have a passion for business coupled with a Diploma in Computer Science. This means I have different skills for you to tap into. If you get overwhelmed with the amount of technical stuffs to learn and maintain or maybe tech just isn’t your thing.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone that can help  “a Tech VA” and that’s where i come in, I can step in to make sure everything works since your time is valuable which you can use in other important aspect of your business i can free enough time for you to make sure this is possible, I have been working with different clients over the years which have make me gather different tech skills, so this makes working with me a good needed experience for your business, Need that ease of mind? Let’s talk about your tech needs or project, I am just one message away.

My Social Media Handles

Other ways you can get in touch with me, send me a DM, message or mail and i will reply within a business working day or as soon as i can, i can’t wait for us to know each other .

My Experience

Some Of The Tasks I Help My Clients With

Website Design

This is the creation of website or landing pages for marketing campaigns, business or service using WordPress and WordPress pagebuilders or others like shopify, wix etc

Updating Website Content And Pages

The addition of content, the change of the website layout or landing pages which can also include maintenance and general checkup of the website or landing page to make sure everything works as intended.

Content Repurposing

The Editing, converting and repurposing of content for use across marketing campaigns, landing pages, YouTube, social media, other different uses, audio and video editing.

Resolving Technical Issues

These are tech issues which can range from website errors and issues like mail not sending, ssl errors, plugin conflicts, general websites,  automation, connection issues etc that's affecting normal business or website operation.

Administrative Tasks

I can help with administrative tasks like calendar scheduling and management, Inbox management, answering email enquiries, scheduling appointments, flight booking, data entry and research, automating tasks between your favorite apps using Zapier, IFTTT and more to ease your workflow, Microsoft suites, Trello, Google Workspace, Asana, Zoom etc.

Not listed? Contact Me

This is not a total list of what I do, so if you think there is something I should be able to help with not listed here, send me an email or message me through my contact form on the contact page and we can get it sorted out, thank you.